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Poetry is an intelligent electrical bolton integrating r&d, manufacturing, trade and service in the integration of modern enterprise. The main production integrated wiring box, optical information in-home box, multimedia XinXiXiang, multimedia wiring boxes, lighting distribution box, communication equipment, intelligent building electrical appliances product, is the present domestic integrated wiring with most varieties, one of the largest manufacturers, independent research and development, the production of series network cabling products by authorities detection, complete with YD/T926.3-1998. A.T ANSI/EIA570 - EIA568. GB/IA/T11318.10-1996. T137-1999, etc -- GY cable TV integrated wiring standards. Poetry bolton residential information wiring box, has completely through CECS119:2000 urban residential building integrated wiring system engineering design specifications, DB31 / T289.2003 Shanghai residential information wiring kit is included as standard through technical conditions.

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